By experimenting with nontraditional painterly elements of figuration, symbolism and organic abstraction, I create an allegorical visual language. My artistic practice translates experience (phenomenology) in relation to a complex network of interdependent systems (holism). Each work begins with an intimate connection to the canvas through means of preparation and research, and my approach to each painting narrates a diverse relationship to philosophy, social change and ecology.

My work is a response to the challenges of modernity and explores juxtapositions between ourselves and embodiment in relation to existence. Narratives of mythology, intuition and interdependent systems are reimagined in order to grasp a greater understanding of ourselves and a sustainable ecosystem, one where we can experience diverse perspectives and all thrive as a result.


Trevor Coopersmith is the founder of the Urban Art Scholarship Foundation and holds a Bachelors in Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Trevor has exhibited with Treat Gallery New York, Loosen Art in Italy, Independent Image & Artspace China, and was an artist in residence in College Station, Texas. Coopersmith was accepted to the University of London, Goldsmiths MFA program but has withdrawn to pursue his artistic career elsewhere.