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My work is a multimedia exploration and re-presentation of the natural world. Investigating our perceptions, valuations and representations, I examine both natural and crafted objects, alongside their relationships between one another.


Through a material fusion, shaping and transformation into natural entities, I reference the sublime by using scale and spatial distortions. I’m emphasizing a visceral relationship to flowers, fungi, insects, nautical beings and other unseen creatures through constructed mixed-media forms. Expressively organic and dynamic, each work is animated by its contoured shape and environmental relationships. Visual presence, economic cycles, evolution and attraction are themes I hybridize in order to realize an active engagement with nature.


Exploration through an emotional lens elevates flora and fauna into spiritual beings for me. Intersecting my lived experiences with other-than-human creatures are ways to blend diverse perspectives and bridge two seemingly distinct worlds. I integrate craft techniques and reclaimed materials into my work, blurring the lines between high and low art. Focusing on painting, installation and wall-sculpture, I convey everyday beauty and truth through nature. Through mixed-media, I explore ecological themes by repurposing discarded materials and presenting natural symbols of enlightenment. My work aims to foster empathy and elevate awareness of our interconnected web, spotlighting how our worlds intertwine.


Trevor Coopersmith (b. 1994 San Diego, CA) creates painted objects, installations and organically inspired wall-sculptures utilizing found and mixed media that emphasize a deeper emotional connection to nature. Trevor holds a BFA from University of California, Santa Barbara and a MFA from Otis College of Art & Design. Coopersmith has shown at bG Gallery, Dorado 806 Projects, IDOLWILD and the Palos Verdes Art Center (all in Los Angeles, CA). Coopersmith has also shown at the California Nature Art Museum in Solvang, CA and had a solo exhibition at Avenue 50 Studios (Los Angeles). His work has been published in Space on Space Magazine and in Hyperallergic. Trevor has participated in two residencies (College Station, TX and Port Austin, MI), has a public mural practice and founded the Urban Art Scholarship Foundation which funds high school art education and public works. He is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

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