I am influenced by elements of motion from skateboarding, surfing and graffiti culture, my personal connection to the landscape and their attached histories, and the spirit of cohabitation amid precarious times. 

Spray paint and oil pastel are primary mediums of mine, and I constantly make an effort to paint on upcycled canvases and utilize gestural elements of painting; emphasizing the relationship of my body to the canvas. My work intends to portray romanticized scenes of freedom within an urbanized and convoluted modernity. I’m currently making an attempt to translate phenomenological experiences of natural and spiritual connections through vulnerability and self-expression. I’m creating a landscape to contend with the future. A future of uncertainty and catastrophe. A concept which explores agency and political climate.

My dream is to help youth discover a productive and positive activity as a creative outlet and spread themes of environmental conservation.

I received a Bachelor’s in Art from the University of California Santa Barbara, and was recently accepted and withdrew from a Masters in Fine Art Program from the University of London, Goldsmiths after realizing the program was not sufficient towards my goals as an artist in the midst of COVID-19.

Throughout my artistic career I have exhibited at dozens of public art affairs and sold to private collections across the globe.

I have volunteered for numerous nonprofits throughout southern California, accumulating hundreds of volunteer hours where I teach art lessons to children, young adults, and adults with disabilities; alongside teaching special education students within my local school district. I often find the satisfaction of donating my work and sharing techniques more rewarding than paid commissioned pieces.

Social engagement is an emphasis within my painting and drawing practice, and this has led me to found the Urban Art Scholarship, where I award $350 to a student based on their art portfolio and essay on the contribution of art within the community.

I envision a creative and collective future.

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