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Divine Beasts
Dioramas and re-presenting of the natural world through emotional lens. 
Perceptions, valuations and representations of nature. Referencing the sublime through reclaimed materials

Unusual Surfaces
Ceramics, metal, wood, glass, found objects
Highlighting of overlooked and microscopic creatures
Re-presenting nature in a seductive, emotional and visceral manner

Organic Portals
Within:Without - Windows to an Inclusive Future group exhibition at Debs Park Los Angeles

Viewfinder, reclaimed wood, hung with recycled rope, cardboard and pastel interactive element
Focusing on animate parts of the natural world alongside slowing down and perceiving

Symbols of Devotion (The Cardboard Garden)
Resonance with nature, reclaimed materials, ephemerality

Homages to the natural world and symbols of sensation to present all things as sentient and interconnected

Elevator Show
Curated exhibition in Otis College elevator
Community engaged exhibition, interdisciplinary show, non-traditional exhibition space, elevator pitch concept origin