AI Series
Images generated using AI platforms and subsequently transformed into paintings
Investigating relationships between nature, technology, interconnectivity and methods of representation

Sky Labyrinth
Immersive experience, technological advancements of society, community engagement and meditation space
Projection of images from NASA Webb telescope, reclaimed wood Jupiter planet acrylic painting, reflected mirrors and smoke
Port Austin MI Artist in Residence Exhibition - Bee Barn from 1913


Body X Landscape Series
Mixed media paintings on hand cut wood panels and canvas
Human and ecology interconnectedness, memory of travels to various landscapes, relationships between interdependent systems

Celestial Navigations
Arts Council of Brazos Valley, TX
Interactive sculpture in public space. Community engaged work to map outline of human figure and interconnectedness
College Station Artist in Residence exhibition and installation

Entanglements of Elevation Series
115 Miles by Skateboard across Central CA - SF Airport to Marina, CA
Documenting 8 day journey with mapping elevation gain/ loss on bottom portion of painting. Mushroom gills and abstract encounters
Mapping, chance encounters, ecology and exploration of progress/ change during COVID - 19

Concrete Landscapes 
Mixed media painting and sculpture
Mythology/ universal connections, skateboarding counterculture, memory of skateparks as child, skateboarders appropriating urban spaces

John Muir Series
Exploration of progress, wilderness and expansion throughout California National Park Service
Photography, painting, upcycled canvases, found objects and homages to art history references

80 Miles, 18 days - John Muir Trail, CA

Free Radicals
Glass Box Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara
Surf subculture, connections to memory, reflection of natural environment and land art
Custom shaped/ painted surfboards, painting on canvas, found objects, surf video projection, 2 tons of sand